If you want to make the world a better place. Take a look at yourself, and then make a change.Lamboochar cares you and your world.

Living Green by Lamboochar Eco Friendly Products 
Lamboochar Briquetted Charcoal
Lamboochar Charcoal Deodorizer
Our Products
Bamboo Charcoal Briquette
Enjoy BBQ  and grill dishes by Lamboochar bamboo charcoal briquette - smokeless, less ash, no soil and sand mixed
Bamboo Char Deodorizer in bamboo case
Refresh and decorate your room by Bamboo Char Deodorizer in bamboo case
Bamboo Char Deodorizer Pocket
Refresh your place by Bamboo Char Deodorizer in handicraft pocket Lanna Style
Natural Bamboo Pulp 
Nature color, no dye
Good for biodegradable products







Sustainable development

Product of Thailand





ผู้เข้าร่วมโครงการ "ประชารัฐรวมใจ ปลูกไผ่เพื่อเศรษฐกิจฯ" ศึกษาดูงาน ณ บริษัท สหโคเจน กรีน จำกัด

light a charcoal BBQ

Salt with BBQ!

Welcome to Thailand Rainy Season!! We need more green!! No Soak No Fun


Local Thai Northern Food

Steam Explosion for producing bamboo fiber

Chiang Mai will hit a record of AQI in 2021??

process of restoring land that has been mined to a natural or economically usable state.

 Sense of bamboo
Lamboochar not just a charcoal
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