Sahacogen green Co.,Ltd is located in Lamphun province the northern of Thailand nearby Chiang Mai the central of northern region business. Our company is part of Sahapat Group. The major business is small power plant biomass and distribute to Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) and produce steam to manufacturers in Sahapat Group Industrial Estate Lamphun. The company has proceeded campaign to raise up value of biomass by promoting sustainable bamboo cultivation in neighbor community area. So, Lamboochar ® project was established for processed bamboo to charcoal briquette and other charcoal products such deodorizer and biochar for domestic sale and exporting under brand Lamboochar ®. We are developing premier charcoal grade variety bamboo product and continue to enhance the innovative product under green concept. For instance, biodegradable tableware that made from bamboo pulp and Bamboo fiber for textile industry.
         Lamboochar ® is created harmoniously by combining the company location in Lamphun , Bamboo word, and Charcoal so this joining word is to derive a product name that indicate product origin and raw material.   
         The combustion process is operated in the standard chamber in Amphoe Koh Ka Lampang. The standard furnaces were designed upon standard and not emit air pollution and safe to neighbor community. Lamboochar ® charcoal briquette has long steady heating time that blend of bamboo and mixed deciduous wood, and optional 100% bamboo charcoal briquette. The raw material is from legal source and is able to verify. Lamboochar ® component is assured without metal scrap, soil, sand and harzardous substance. It is safe for BBQ and grill dishes.  
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